What is Breast Reduction?

Large, pendulous breasts can result in back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as chafing and irritation around the bra straps. It may be difficult to find a comfortable fit in tops, swimwear, and dresses, and some women may struggle to enjoy exercising, sports, or hobbies. Emotionally, oversized breasts can impact your self-image and draw unwanted attention in the form of teasing or catcalling. 

A breast reduction can help patients to enjoy a more proportionate silhouette and relieve the negative aspects of a top-heavy physique. Dr. Pruitt’s meticulous attention to detail and intuitive sense of how to achieve natural beauty inform his approach.

Why Choose Dr. Pruitt?

Dr. Pruitt is an expert in facelift and neck lift surgery and has thousands of successful surgeries to his credit. For over 20 years, he has achieved natural-looking results using state-of-the-art, gentle, minimally invasive techniques and cutting-edge fiberoptic technology to reduce downtime and discomfort. As such, he has drawn high-profile clients to his practice from across the globe, including national TV personalities, celebrities, CEOs, politicians, professional athletes, and many others.

Dr. Pruitt has repeatedly been named in D Magazine as a best plastic surgeon in Dallas as well as called a “Texas Super Doctor” by Texas Monthly. He has been voted by his peers as one of America’s Best Doctors for many consecutive years in an annual national survey. Dr. Pruitt’s work has been featured in many leading publications, including D Magazine, D Beauty, New Beauty, and Texas Monthly, to name a few. In addition, he regularly teaches and gives lectures to other plastic surgeons on his facelift and neck lift techniques.

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Am I a Candidate?

If enlarged breasts are causing discomfort, inhibited movement, and self-consciousness, breast reduction may an ideal solution for reclaiming your quality of life. Patients may be irritated by an inability to fit comfortably into their chosen outfits, or they may be struggling with back, neck, and shoulder pain. The surgery can relieve these issues and restore the figure after pregnancy, aging, or weight fluctuations.

When you visit Dr. Pruitt for your consultation, he will listen carefully to your cosmetic goals and explore your lifestyle and aspirations. He will rely on his extensive expertise to guide you to the procedure that’s right for you. Ideal candidates are physically and mentally healthy non-smokers who have realistic expectations for their results.

The Breast Reduction Experience

Dr. Pruitt strives to perform all procedures under IV sedation with local anesthesia whenever possible. This lowers risks, enhances patient comfort, and expedites recovery. Breast reduction surgery typically takes between three and four hours to complete, during which time Dr. Pruitt will remove excess fat and unnecessary tissue before reshaping the breasts for a more proportionate, balanced look.

Dr. Pruitt will discuss details such as incision placement and surgical techniques, so you will know exactly what to expect from your experience. Women requiring a minimal amount of tissue removal can undergo breast reduction through a periareolar incision. Those who require moderate to significant tissue removal are candidates for the vertical lollipop incision (encircling the areola and stretching down to the breast crease) or the anchor incision pattern (encircling the areola, stretching vertically down to the breast crease, and then extending horizontally along the inframammary fold.) Regardless of incision placement, Dr. Pruitt will ensure that scarring is well-hidden.

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Your Rest, Recovery, and Results

Patients will need to wear compression garments for several weeks as the swelling subsides, and their results begin to take shape. Dr. Pruitt and his team will work closely with you throughout your recovery process and will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that your healing is progressing as planned. You can expect to resume your normal routine within five to six weeks. 

When you are ready to learn more about what Dr. Pruitt and his team can do for you, reach out and set up your private, in-depth consultation.

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