The Pruitt Facelift 

When patients who are looking for the best results from a facelift in Dallas, elsewhere in Texas, or in other states present to Dr. Pruitt's practice requesting a “Pruitt Facelift,”  they are asking him to carefully assess their overall facial aesthetic situation. He carefully examines their underlying facial anatomy, bone structure, muscles, adipose tissue, degree of aging, and direction of sag or droop of the soft tissues.

Further, he looks at their overall current facial aesthetic shape, degree of actinic (sun) damage, stage of life, and many other factors. After this systematic assessment is completed, only then can Dr. Pruitt make specific recommendations regarding the treatments or surgical procedures he can perform to give them the best, most rejuvenated, and natural look. This careful, individualized evaluation and surgical artistry are what his clients have called “The Pruitt Facelift.”

For example, his lower facelift surgery alone can correct age-related ptosis or drooping in the mid and lower face,x reducing sagging jowls and giving you a much-improved jawline contour. As a facelift expert, Dr. Pruitt can produce youthful, rejuvenating results that appear unoperated, natural, and refined.

What is a Facelift?

Dr. Pruitt is a Fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who specializes in Facelift and Necklift surgery and is known for his artistry, advanced techniques, and elegant nuanced outcomes. He performs facelift / necklift surgery to address facial or neck sagging and aging, by tightening the underlying muscle layer and then tucking out excess skin folds, smoothing away most wrinkles and lines. A full “Pruitt Facelift” performed by Dr. Pruitt is considered by some to be the highest standard for rejuvenation of the aging face - removing years from one’s perceived age. This often results in a feeling of improved self-confidence and an elevated quality of life both in the professional arena and in social settings and relationships. Each client has their own reasons for wanting to appear more youthful, vital, and energetic.

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Dr. Pruitt’s patients are often those who are able to be the most discriminating. These include high-profile individuals, celebrities, TV personalities, politicians, professional athletes and their wives, CEOs, many well-known Dallas/Ft. Worth women, and numerous other surgeons and their families. He has been privileged to operate on some of the most recognizable faces in the world. Always with the utmost privacy and discretion. 

His Goal

His goal is always to create an elegant timeless aesthetic that stands the test of time and never looks “ done” or “operated”. He has performed surgery on clients from more than 40 other states beyond Texas and from several foreign countries around the globe including Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Greece, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. Dr. Pruitt is truly an international talent who has distinguished himself through his surgical artistry.

Facial Rejuvenation with Dr. Bryan H. Pruitt

Dr. Pruitt Talking with a Patient

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Your Candidacy: When to Consider a Facelift

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Pruitt provides some of the best facelifts in Dallas and surrounding areas. He personally meets with each client one-on-one. After his evaluation, he always presents options and works to ensure each client has a carefully considered treatment plan customized to best fulfill their unique aesthetic vision.

As part of the consultation, he answers specific questions about the various treatment options available. He provides the information and education needed for the patient to make informed decisions so that they can move forward with confidence.

You are likely to be a great candidate for Dr. Pruitt’s Facelift or other Facial Plastic Surgery procedures if you are in good health and wish to address the following concerns:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging skin on the face or neck
  • Drooping cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Sagging jowls
  • Loss of definition in the jawline
  • Submental or chin fullness

Getting Started with Your Personalized Consultation 

Medical History

A complete medical history is taken to evaluate the client’s health and lifestyle and determine if any serious risk factors are present. Additionally, a focused physical evaluation is performed on the client’s areas of concern to investigate the patient’s skin quality and elasticity, degree of sun damage, degree of ptosis, bone structure, muscle tone, facial fat content, and other factors.


Dr. Pruitt will only perform procedures he genuinely believes are in the client’s best interests once they are fully educated and informed. For this reason, he regularly assesses the client in consultation and recommends that they do NOT have any surgery at that time. So he certainly does not perform every surgery requested but rather carefully evaluates the patient’s aesthetic requests and many other factors on a case-by-case basis and determines if his expertise, experience, and artistry are a good match for the client’s goals.

Education and Questions

Again, if he does NOT feel that a client is a good candidate for surgery, he will not accept them for surgery (and this scenario occurs on a weekly basis.) After the detailed consultation with Dr. Pruitt, his nurse educator will show the client a portfolio of hundreds of previous patient photos (all of whom have given permission to show the results of their surgeries to help educate others.) She can also spend extended time with each client explaining the process and answering all questions.  If, after a carefully considered consultation, the client decides to proceed, a date on Dr. Pruitt’s busy surgical calendar can be secured. 

Pre-Operative Consultation

A second consultation, called a pre-operative consultation, is then scheduled closer to the time of the surgery to answer any additional questions, put the final touches on the client’s detailed aesthetic surgical plan, prescribe medications, take a full set of photos to be used in surgery, sign paperwork, and take care of any last-minute details. For his out-of-state or international clients, these pre-operative consults are often done virtually online, if preferred.

Facelift Reviews

18 years after my facelift and I still look great!Thank you Dr. Pruitt! I am thinking about having a secondary facelift and consulted with Dr. Pruitt again. There was no pressure and I could not believe how good I still look after looking at my old pictures from 18 years ago. I highly recommend Dr. Pruitt.

Alexis Vaughan

I am so impressed with my face and neck lift results and I am only 14 days out. Shortly after surgery I had a friend take a picture of me and email to a friend of mine in California. She could not believe how great I looked-hardly and bruising. After her own facelift by a Beverly Hills doctor, my friend looked like an eggplant! Completley bruised and purple. Not me. All my stitches are out and I start wearing makeup today-Ya!!! If you are reading my review and have been thinking about having a facelift, do it now and enjoy it . Now that I have done it, I wish I had done it sooner

I had surgery by another plastic surgeon and had a complication. My dermatologist referred me to Dr. Pruitt for his advise. He was so kind and respectful at my consultation. He discussed all the options and risks and the unknown factors associated with my previous surgery. I decided to move forward with Dr. Pruitt asking him to attempt to correct the problems. The surgery went extremely well and although it took a little longer for the swelling to go down, I am thrilled with my results. I am so happy that I scheduled a facelift in a few months so I will have a younger looking face to go with my young looking body! Dr. Pruitt is an amazing person and surgeon.

Kenneth B

Overview of The Facelift Procedure

Unlike many surgeons who may rush through multiple patient surgeries in a single day, Dr. Pruitt devotes his entire day to performing your surgery alone, ensuring an undistracted focus solely on your needs, goals, and wishes. His goal in every case is to create a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted result that achieves the elegant and natural outcome you deserve.   

On the day of the surgery, the client comes to the surgery center early in the morning to be prepped for the procedure. Dr. Pruitt will answer any additional questions and then create surgical markings before his anesthesia professional takes the client to the operating room. 

The surgery or series of procedures is then gently and meticulously performed by Dr. Pruitt, usually under IV sedation and local anesthetics. Facial surgery of this type is at least equal parts surgical expertise and his signature artistry. 

IV sedation enables patients to avoid the need for endotracheal intubation (which involves the insertion of a tube into the patient’s trachea), keeps the patient very comfortable, and avoids many of the downsides of general anesthesia, such as postoperative nausea. Using this technique, the patient usually has a very rapid recovery period, with little or no discomfort immediately after the surgery. 

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Facelift Procedure Details


The Pruitt Facelift is performed by lifting several anatomical layers of tissue in the best vectors, or directions of support, for each individual face. In addition, sculpting or contouring of fat and other soft tissues is often required to give the most artistic and aesthetically pleasing result.


Dr. Pruitt is very gentle in handling the facial tissues during surgery. This  precise approach to addressing the anatomical layers intra-operatively often produces a softer, less swollen postoperative appearance. Many patients are surprised to have little to no discoloration and more rapid healing and recovery. 

Facelift Approach

Dr. Pruitt has performed thousands of successful surgeries for over 20 years and has a long track record of safety, long-term patient relationships, elegant, natural results, and hundreds of glowing reviews. He is always focused on patient safety, closely monitoring each patient throughout their surgical process and utilizing the most cutting-edge fiberoptic technology available to ensure the most conservative, minimally invasive approach for one of the best facelifts in Dallas.

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Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Recovery After Your Facelift Procedure

Postoperative Care

After surgery, the patient is moved to the recovery suite, where continuous monitoring is performed and, if necessary, cold compresses are gently applied to the eyes and/or the upper face. After all discharge criteria are met, the patient is moved to an overnight suite, and a one-on-one private caregiver attends to the patient throughout the first night. The caregiver ensures that the face is elevated and positioning of the head and neck are optimal. She checks the blood pressure, changes the cold compresses regularly, and attentively provides assistance for all other needs the patient may have.

Returning Home

The morning after surgery, Dr. Pruitt comes personally to the suite to perform his own postoperative evaluation. After he has given his approval, the patient can then return home if they reside in the Dallas/Ft. Worth or north Texas area. International and some out-of-state clients are asked to stay in Dallas for at least 7-10 days postoperatively so that he can take care of the patient personally. These arrangements for postoperative care regarding out-of-town and international patients are handled by the Client Concierge on a case-by-case basis, depending on your specific needs. 

Facelift Recovery

Swelling or puffiness tends to peak by the second or third day after surgery and then begins to subside in the days following. Usually, half of the swelling is gone in one week, and after two weeks, most patients can begin to wear makeup and enjoy certain social settings, depending upon their own personal level of comfort. If there are “big events” scheduled, like weddings or school reunions, clients, on average, are typically considered “photo ready” in 6-12 week range, depending upon their own individual healing characteristics.

 Why Choose the Pruitt Facelift?

Dr. Pruitt had extensive surgical and specialty training, but his experience, artistry, and meticulous attention to detail are what patients often say sets him apart. In addition to his 5-year Surgical Residency at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School/Parkland Hospital and additional years of Plastic Surgery Residency at Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Pruitt further completed a Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship to hone and refine his skills in the techniques specific to facial aesthetic surgery, often considered the most delicate and complex region of the body. With this extensive training and more than 20 years of fine-tuning his approach, the outcomes he can achieve are consistently customized, natural-looking, and beautiful. 

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Why Choose Dr. Pruitt For My Facelift?

Dr. Pruitt is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. His extensive education includes Fellowship training specifically in facelift, neck lift, and other facial aesthetic surgical techniques. Since his training, he has been in private practice for more than two decades. During this time, he has developed his own approach to facial rejuvenation and is considered to provide one of the best facelifts in Dallas. His methods of evaluation and performance of these procedures are now often referred to by clients as the “Pruitt Facelift.” He is frequently sought out for his expertise and is routinely asked to provide guidance for other practitioners who are interested in learning from his innovative approaches and extensive experience.

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Beautiful faces don’t happen by accident….they happen by appointment.

Facelift FAQs

How much does a facelift procedure cost?

Can I combine other procedures with my facelift?

Will my friends be able to tell I’ve had surgery?

How much does a facelift procedure cost?

As with most practices, the cost of your facelift will vary according to a combination of several factors. The cost is primarily determined by the surgeon’s professional fees, anesthesia fees, and surgery center costs. Other variables like your physical characteristics, whether any ancillary procedures will be performed at the same time, and the extent of your surgical plan will also impact the cost of your procedure. At the time of your consultation, Dr. Pruitt’s friendly staff will look up these fees and provide the details of the cost of your surgery.

Can I combine other procedures with my facelift?

Absolutely. There are several procedures that can be combined with a facelift. Not only will these procedures often complement your facelift results, but you can also avoid multiple recovery periods by combining several treatments into a single operative session. Procedures that Dr. Pruitt may recommend that can be combined with a facelift might include:

  • A central neck lift
  • Microfat grafting
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Earlobe reduction
  • Temporal lift
  • Sculpting of the neck soft tissues

Will my friends be able to tell I’ve had surgery?

Dr. Pruitt prides himself on his ability to create subtle, natural-looking results that make you look well-rested and restored — never frozen or pulled. He pursues a minimally invasive approach whenever possible and works conservatively to ensure that his results enhance and rejuvenate your appearance without calling attention to themselves.

A Word from Dr. Pruitt

“I was very fortunate to have trained under world-renowned plastic surgeons, including Foad Nahai MD, John Bostwick MD, Carl Hartrampf MD, Rod Hester MD, Tom Baker MD, Jim Stuzin MD, and many others. These surgeons were and are regarded as among the very best plastic surgeons in the world. They trained me in both the technical aspects of surgery and the aesthetic artistry that is so very important to every procedure. Now and for more than 20 years, I have combined that superb training with technical and artistic innovations of my own that have allowed me the opportunity to operate on some of the most recognized faces in the world. I consider it an honor that so many have placed their confidence in me and trusted me with the privilege of performing their facial surgery.  Always with the utmost regard for privacy and confidentiality, I take pride in providing what I believe is the highest quality aesthetic surgical care aimed at consistently excellent artistic results”.

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