What is Chin Enhancement?

Chin procedures can adjust the size, shape, and projection of your chin according to your personal cosmetic goals. Some patients feel that they have always had a small or retrusive chin and that their sense of facial harmony would be enhanced by the presence of a stronger chin. In addition, these procedures often contribute to a more defined jawline as well. 

This surgery is not for everyone. Dr. Pruitt can explain the benefits and risks associated with all procedures and does not recommend this surgery for most patients. But if you were born with a small or “weak” chin, it can in some cases, provide a remarkable enhancement of your natural beauty. Given his extensive experience with aesthetic facial plastic surgery, Dr. Pruitt can determine if you are a good candidate for chin enhancement. If so his gifted hands can deliver refined, natural-looking outcomes to reflect your very best aesthetic.

Why Select Dr. Pruitt as Your Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Pruitt is a specialist in facelift and neck lift surgery and has thousands of successful surgeries to his credit. For over 20 years, he has achieved natural-looking results using state-of-the-art, gentle, minimally invasive techniques and cutting-edge fiberoptic technology to reduce downtime and discomfort. As such, he has drawn high-profile clients to his practice from across the globe, including national TV personalities, celebrities, CEOs, politicians, professional athletes, and many others.

Dr. Pruitt has repeatedly been named in D Magazine as a best plastic surgeon in Dallas as well as called a “Texas Super Doctor” by Texas Monthly. He has been voted by his peers as one of America’s Best Doctors for many consecutive years in an annual national survey. Dr. Pruitt’s work has been featured in many leading publications, including D Magazine, D Beauty, New Beauty, and Texas Monthly, to name a few. In addition, he regularly teaches and gives lectures to other plastic surgeons on his facelift and neck lift techniques.

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Should I Consider Chin Enhancement?

The condition sometimes called a “recessed chin” or “underdeveloped chin” can also be called retrogenia. The primary cause of the receding chin is genetics. For those clients who are unhappy with the smaller size of their chins, or feel that it has always been “weak” or recessed, a chin enhancement or “mentoplasty” procedure may be an attractive option.  This may include placement of an implant or reshaping of the chin bone. If you’re looking for the top results from a chin enhancement in Dallas, Dr. Pruitt can provide a seamless solution that creates balance among the features and harmonizes the profile. This may in some cases be performed at the time of a facelift or necklift. Dr. Pruitt favors a conservative, minimally invasive approach and each chin procedure is elegantly personalized.

You may be a good candidate for chin enhancement procedures if you have any of the following concerns:

  • A small or weak chin
  • A recessed or retro-placed chin
  • A smaller chin combined with loss of definition in the jawline

    How Does Chin Enhancement Work?

    Chin enhancement can be accomplished with a variety of methods. Dr. Pruitt will explain each method to you during your consultation, along with the benefits and limitations of each, to help you choose the technique that is right for you. His approach may include any of the following:

    Biocompatible Chin Implant

    Chin implants are a very common way to achieve improved chin contours. These implants are safe, biocompatible, and can be shaped and sculpted according to your goals. These are gently placed in the best position atop the chin, giving a more proportionate facial aesthetic and profile. These procedures can sometimes be performed in concert with other facial rejuvenation surgeries including facelift or necklift to enhance the overall result.

    Injectable Dermal Fillers

    FDA approved injectable fillers, carefully placed by Dr. Pruitt, offer you the ability to enhance the shape of your chin and the contours of your jawline quickly and easily with an in-office procedure. Many of these are made from a sterile synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a substance found in your body naturally. These fillers afford Dr. Pruitt’s artistic hands an exceptional level of precision when creating your results.

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    After Your Chin Enhancement Procedure

    Your recovery after chin enhancement will depend upon the type of procedure that you choose. 

    Patients who have “mentoplasty” or chin implant surgery may require a few days to a week for their initial post-operative swelling to diminish. There is often very little discomfort associated with this type of surgery. A full set of specific aftercare instructions and will be given to prior to surgery and Dr. Pruitt’s staff is always available to you during your recovery process. 

    Clients who undergo chin enhancement or refinement with injectable fillers by Dr. Pruitt can usually return immediately to their normal routines.

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    An Outstanding Patient Experience in a Luxury Setting

    In Dr. Pruitt's office, you will encounter a warm and inviting atmosphere and a staff with a deeply held passion for patient care. They are committed to the latest cutting-edge technology, the most advanced surgical techniques, and a friendly approachable manner that breeds confidence and peace of mind.

    When you are ready to get started on your transformative cosmetic journey, a member of Dr. Pruitt’s caring team is ready to help you. Simply reach out and set up your initial consultation at his Dallas office.

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